Harlow Remodeling provides comprehensive whole house remodel contracting in Harrisonburg.

Take pride in your home that’s exactly your style and serves your living needs. A whole house remodel requires attention, planning, and adaptability. From the vision and design process to the final clean up when your remodel is complete, Mike Harlow works directly with you to ensure a well-coordinated experience with top-notch results. You can expand up into the attic or with a floor addition, down into the basement, out with a home addition, or repurpose the space in your home to maximize function and provide a better flow.

Our creativity and precision engineering finds the most attractive and functional remodel options for you.

Harlow Remodeling takes great pride in creative, budget-conscious solutions that serve you for years to come. Years of experience in construction and a passion for good design that increases function gives you the advantage in planning. Mike knows what to check, what to consider, and a variety of options to consider for each project. You have more and better choices for your whole house remodel with Harlow Remodeling. Take a look at our work!

Experienced remodel professionals phase your project to meet your living needs during the process.

Should you live in your Harrisonburg home during the remodel, Mike considers the function required and phases the work to accommodate your needs. He uses creative solutions to maximize your comfort during what can be an uncomfortable process of changing your home.

 Know what’s going on and who is in your home with a structured daily remodel timeline.

The start of your project includes a detailed project timeline with room for contingencies in case of unforeseen issues. Your project timeline includes the names and purpose for each person who contributes to your whole house remodel process. Feel confident that the people on your job are supposed to be there and that the work is being done right. Mike only works with partners he knows and trusts.

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