Harlow Remodeling expands your living space with custom house additions in Harrisonburg.

Working in a makeshift office under the stairs? Kids outgrown a room? Ready for more living space to enjoy? A house addition meets your needs when you love your location and home, but simply need more space. We help bring the flow back into your routine through careful design and creative solutions. Fall in love with your home all over again.

We integrate creative design with your existing home features for a seamless remodel.

Harlow Remodeling takes pride in working with your existing structure to create a seamless addition. Blend what you love about your home with new square footage to increase the overall versatility and functionality of how you live. Mike Harlow keeps an eye on the details that really make a difference from matching the flooring and creating a level, even surface to integrating fixtures that complement your existing architectural features. A seamless house addition gives the interior space a facelift that looks as if it’s always been that way. Take a look at our home additions!

Expect beauty and function in your additional space.

Whether your home is ready for a master suite, an office, or a sunroom, Mike Harlow’s extensive experience and expertise add creativity and function for an ideal design. We work with you to develop the ideas behind your vision so that you find the right design for your needs. We work with what you need to stay where you are and stay within budget. Harlow Remodeling offers a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee.

If your kitchen doubles as an office or your family has outgrown the bedrooms, a house addition can give you the space you need to happily stay where you are.

Sometimes a little room will do, sometimes you need a lot! We are happy to work with big and small Harrisonburg house addition projects.

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