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Finding The Right Remodel Contractor

Seeking A Reliable, Professional, Creative Remodel Contractor?

No two remodel contractors are the same. Putting a little time and energy up front into finding the right remodel contractor for your job pays off big in not only the final product, but your overall experience. A remodel contractor’s main purpose is to project manage your remodel on a timeline that coordinates subcontractors and delivers the remodel that meets or exceeds your expectations. So, how do you find the one for you?

Standards & Expectations For A Remodel Contractor:

  • Free Estimates: The contractors you interview should provide free estimates that include:
  • 2+ Meetings: Contractors should be amenable to more than one meeting before you sign. Don’t be pressured. In fact, think of pressure as a red flag.
  • References: Seek references and examples of recent work. A good contractor has this information ready for you and expects to provide it. Getting an idea of the type of work each contractor does helps to determine who will best meet your remodel needs.
  • Contract Parameters: The contract you sign should have a well-defined timeline of the job that establishes the start and completion dates. A clear timeline includes daily expectations for who will be in your space doing what and why.
  • Deposits: Deposits vary in the industry. Most established contractors expect around 5% down to begin, with payments scheduled throughout the project (for longer work) or due upon completion (for shorter jobs). Pay attention to what the contractor expects you to put down and be wary of anyone asking for 50% or the full amount up front.

Getting started with your remodel is an exciting time. Find the right remodel contractor to maximize the value of your investment.

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