Harlow Remodeling attends to the details for solid, functional, and aesthetically attractive bathroom remodels.

Upgrading your bathrooms blends function with style. Mike Harlow’s decades of experience and his passion for remodeling gives you innovative options for the redesign or upgrade to suit your vision and needs.

Expect creativity, top quality craftsmanship, and professional coordination for an excellent experience with your bathroom remodel.

Working with trusted partners, Harlow Remodeling attends to the details that streamline your Harrisonburg bathroom remodel. From checking the subfloors for proper depth to ensure the successful life of your tile to thinking ahead to aging in place, expect top-quality service that delivers a top-quality bathroom remodel. Take a look at our bathroom remodels!

We activate your warranties using industry leading products and expert craftsmanship to protect against mildew, mold and leaks.

Gains Bathroom 001Harlow Remodeling has adopted practices that minimize the chance of mold, mildew and leaks in your tile. Properly installing Schluter products, water-proofing membranes popular in Europe but just catching on in the US, offers a 10-year warranty to eliminate potential problems down the road. In addition, Harlow Remodeling offers a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee.

Bathroom remodels prepare for aging in place.

When the purpose of your remodel is to integrate features that support aging on place, you have many options. Heated flooring, taller toilet height, accessible showers and tubs, and grab-bars for stability make the bathroom safer and more comfortable. In the case of complete bath or shower remodels, Mike creates the structure for grab-bars. When the time comes, you don’t have to replace your tile to put reinforcements in the right places. 

Our carefully crafted timelines maximize the function of your Harrisonburg home during your bathroom remodel.

Harlow Remodeling works with partners contributing to your bathroom project to establish a timeline to completion. Your project timeline includes the work and names of each person who will be in your home on a day-by-day basis. When completing bathroom projects, Mike works with your existing bathroom situation to suit your family life during the remodel.

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